The American Evolution:
Voices of America Series Master Collection

Producers/Directors:  Connie Baxter Marlow & Scott W. Snare
Editor:  Brett Amick

Introducing Ideas/Information Heretofore Misunderstood or Unavailable in Human Understanding.

America has yet to bring its most important gifts to the table of human consciousness.  There is information and vision that has yet to be integrated into daily action, and can be found in the worldview of the Native peoples of the Americas, the Transcendentalists of Concord, Massachusetts and the Founding Vision of this country as articulated in our freedom documents: The Mayflower Compact, The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution.

This series presents threads of Universal Truth held in the heart and knowing of all of humanity. It challenges America and Americans to become those great truths as articulated in our documents of freedom and democracy. This series has been titled "The American Evolution", acknowledging the process of evolution from the articulation of truth to the walking of truth in everyday life, and America's role in this process.

This series introduces the following concepts that are currently missing in the prevailing paradigm, the understanding of which will possibly enable humanity to realize its fullest potential as loving beings, living in balance on Earth:

  • The conscious, loving, interconnected nature of the Universe
  • Respect for and trust in the autonomous, sovereign nature of the individual through recognition of humanity's intrinsic higher nature
  • Humanity aligning with its highest conscience leading to profound balance, freedom, abundance and peace coming on Earth through true democracy
  • Discovery of the keys to freedom and peace carried in and communicated through the land known as the Americas.

This is currently a five-part series.  Each part presents a different aspect of thought that is not currently integrated into the prevailing paradigm presented by significant voices in America today:

Henry David Thoreau through Interpreter Richard Smith
Bradley P. Dean, Ph.D - The Late Visionary Thoreau Scholar/Editor
Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf - Author/Founder of Asma Society-NYC
Kyriacos Markides - Greek American Sociologist/Author
Arnie Neptune - Penobscot Tribal Elder
Barbara Beckwith - Penobscot Tribal Elder
Connie Baxter Marlow - Author/Photographer/Mayflower Pilgrim Descendent

"Realizing Freedom"
A 13-Minute Documentary Short and Preview to the 5-Part Series
"The American Evolution: Voices of America."
It is an inspiring look at the individual's role in the evolution of freedom and democracy.
This documentary series takes a perspective not commonly seen on American history through
The Mayflower Pilgrims, Henry David Thoreau, a Native American Elder and an American Muslim Imam,
and makes some bold statements, inspiring the viewer to actualize the founding vision of a great nation.

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This series is expanded from ideas presented in Concord, Massachusetts July, 2002 in conjunction with the photography exhibit:  "Greatest Mountain: Exploring the Mystical Nature of Katahdin" based on the book Greatest Mountain: Katahdin's Wilderness by Connie Baxter Marlow.  It is shot on location in Concord and Plymouth, Massachusetts, Baxter State Park, Maine and New York City.


Part 1: Henry David Thoreau on Civil Disobedience, Democracy, Freedom and Individual Sovereignty & In the Freedom Tradition of Concord, Massachusetts. This addresses Henry Thoreau's unique perspective on the power of the individual, examining the structure of democracy with Bradley P. Dean, PhD., Henry David Thoreau through Interpreter Richard Smith with a look at Concord's freedom tradition by Jonas Bateman, Concord Minute Man and Jim Hollister, Minute Man National Historic Park Ranger and others.
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Part 2: Thoreau, The Native American, Katahdin, and the Future. Bradley P. Dean, PhD, Thoreau Scholar and Editor Introduces: Thoreau, The Ethnologist and Thoreau's Indian Notebooks. Discusses: Thoreau's "Epiphany" on Mt. Katahdin and the "Contact" Passage from "The Maine Woods" This introduces heretofore little-known information about Henry Thoreau's life-long involvement with the Native Americans and his 12 volumes of unpublished "Indian Notebooks" and Brad Dean discusses his theory on Thoreau's life-changing "epiphany" on Mt. Katahdin. With HDT through Interpreter Richard Smith; Arnie Neptune, Penobscot Tribal Elder and Connie Baxter Marlow, Author/Photographer.
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Part 3: The Societal Implications of the Oneness of Creation: The Individual, Democracy, and the Evolution of Freedom and Onward from Scrooby, England to the Future... This addresses the expanded, mystical view and experience of reality that demonstrates how the individual could conceivably be instrumental in bringing profound freedom and balance to the human condition, and America's role in the process. With American Muslim Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, Henry David Thoreau through Interpreter Richard Smith; Bradley P. Dean, PhD; Allan Finnegan, Outdoorsman; Katahdin, Mystical Mountain, Arnie Neptune, Penobscot Tribal Elder, Kyriacos Markides, Greek American Author/Sociologist, Imam Feisal Rauf author and Connie Baxter Marlow, Mayflower Pilgrim Descendent
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Part 4: Katahdin, Mystical Mountain. This addresses the conscious, mystical nature of Mt. Katahdin as a transmitter of Truth energy, and its influence on human thought and action. With Barbara Beckwith, Penobscot Tribal Elder; Arnie Neptune, Penobscot Tribal Elder; Allan Finnegan, Outdoorsman; Henry David Thoreau through Interpreter Richard Smith, Bradley P. Dean, PhD and quotations from Henry David Thoreau and Percival Proctor Baxter.
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Part 5: Are We Free? Arnie Neptune, Penobscot Tribal Elder speaks on freedom in Concord, Massachusetts, July 2, 2002 and talks of Wabanaki Ways. Arnie shares a tribal elder's cultural perspective on the nature of true freedom.
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The American Evolution: Voices of America Series Master Collection.
A 3-DVD set including all 5 Parts and Extras.

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There is a moving story of inspiration, courage, treason and civil disobedience committed in the name of Truth, friendship between cultures, a belief in humanity and a pervasive trust in a higher, loving power that lies in the evolution of America.

What is the American mind? The American Spirit? Where did they come from and where will we take them?

What does the light held high by the Statue of Liberty promise to the world? What is the nature of true freedom

Albert Einstein once stated that no problem was ever solved in the same consciousness in which it was created.

Is there another way of seeing the world that will allow us to realize our greatest dreams?

In this series you will witness the weaving of a tapestry from ideas and players in America - a tapestry that allows us to catch a glimpse of an expanded reality which speaks to us of matters of the heart and suggests a pathway to freedom of the spirit.

Throughout time humanity has made choices which have created our history. What of our future? Our choices will lead us there.

Connie Baxter Marlow
Connie Baxter Marlow