Rhythms of Creation:
A Family's Impressions of Indigenous Peoples of the World




Family Photos


Connie Baxter Marlow

Taken during extended visits in Mexico with the
Tarahumara, Huichol, Chamulan and Lacandon Maya,
in the United States with the Hopi, the Wabanaki and the Ute and in Africa with the Kalahari Bushmen.

Connie uses her photography as a vehicle of ideas and has discovered filmmaking as a way to more fully express the concepts she feels are important in the evolution of consciousness. See “Voices of America Series” on this website for more information on Connie’s films.


My relationship with the people you will find in the lovely albums made by Mayan artisans is a familial one.  Bonds of trust are developing that are being built over time and through shared experiences. 

I believe that when we come together with the indigenous peoples  as equals, as family, and we each open our hearts and our minds to the other, the melding of our gifts will bring a new perspective that is invisible at this time.

To me this new perspective will allow us to see the path to true unity, peace and freedom






Connie Baxter Marlow