Rhythms of Creation:
A Family's Impressions of Indigenous Peoples of the World




Great Dreams

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Ancestral mandates are a strong theme in indigenous thought: Integrating the past, present and future creates a vibrant, constantly-evolving consciousness.

Through the images in this exhibit we sense the rhythms of creation as they are embodied in the way of life of indigenous peoples throughout the world.  We see a universality that spans time - from the
Kalahari Desert of South Africa and the world's oldest people; the last pure descendents of the ancient Maya in Mexico; the modern-day Ute, Hopi and Wabanaki in America, to the simplicity of an Ecuadorian couple, the beauty of an Indian woman and her child and the fresh innocence of Uyghur children in a remote region of China; these people carry the way and dreams of their ancestors into their daily living in a modern world.

We feel these rhythms in our own lives.   We dream the dreams our ancestors dreamt for us, and when we look at our own children we dream those dreams for them.  All of humanity becomes a sea of great dreams.

where will we take these highest aspects of ourselves that we hold deep in our hearts, dream about and long to realize in our daily living?

The ritual may be different, the clothes and customs foreign, but the photographs in this exhibit open us to the different rhythms of creation in their glorious diversity. Through these images we find a deep commonality; we celebrate the world and are encouraged to ponder a bigger picture, a larger purpose. We are asked to recognize that we all, ultimately, dream the same dreams: the innate knowledge of the birthright of peace, abundance, beauty and vibrant life, and we begin to wonder when we will each take up the courage to align with our hearts and bring our dreams to pass on Earth.

Experience the cultures in this exhibit as they come alive at The INNstitute At Sedona. Explore their cosmology and way of life through books, photography, films. Find out what they are carrying for the future and how quantum science is bringing us all closer in our understanding of the nature of the universe! See four of Connie's "family albums".  


RHYTHMS OF CREATION has hung at the following locations:

Bowdoin College-Brunswick, Maine - July 2-August12, 1999
The Art Gallery, University of New England-Portland, Maine - June 19-August12, 2000
El Puente-San Cristobal  de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico - April 2001
Cambridge Multi-Cultural Arts Center Cambridge, Massachusetts  June 7-July 20, 2001
The Hudson Museum of Anthropology, University of Maine Orono, Maine - Fall 2001
Museo Regional de Michoacan, Morelia, Mexico May 2004.
Red Brick Center for the Arts, Aspen, Colorado June 1-June 30, 2005
The Ute Museum, Montrose, Colorado July 10-October 18, 2005
Experience the cultures in this exhibit as they come alive in the indigenous-themed rooms at Page Springs Bed and Breakfast at Rancho Feliz in Sedona, Arizona.age Springs Bed and Breakfast and Vacation Home at Rancho Feliz.

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Connie Baxter Marlow