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A New Future - Click title to read the entire document
In order to prepare for the new future of peace, harmony and unity, that may be beyond our current understanding, we must act with intention and use information already available to us, as well as commit to listening to and learning from the Earth- her creatures and other aspects, the universal energies-visible and invisible, and to encouraging peak performance through connectedness, choice and discovery, abandoning models of perfection and judgment.
A synopsis of the ideas presented during: Let’s Talk. A Public Forum Series on the Subject of Education, Aspen, Colorado. Fall/Spring 1993/4. Speakers: Alden Naranjo, Wallace Black Elk, Dr. Emily Bornstein, Dr. Harold Whitcomb, Tom Crum, Jon Seigle, Connie Baxter Marlow.
Drafted by CBM 5/94

How Peace will Come to Prevail on Earth - Click title to read the entire document
It will be through the inspiration of individuals on a large-scale basis that world change will be effected. Detailing 7 steps that must take place for true peace and freedom to prevail on Earth.


Thoreau and the Native American - Click title to read the entire document
This talk has evolved into "Thoreau, The Futurist and the Emerging Human. A Synthesis of the Native American and the Mystic for the Evolution of Democracy." featuring Richard Smith, Thoreau impersonator/interpreter as Thoreau.

Indigenous Cosmology:  From Left Field to Center Stage - Click title to read the entire document
Connie Baxter Marlow - Indigenous Cosmology
Andrew Cameron Bailey - Quantum Reality
- Ringing Rocks Foundation Lecture Series
- Sedona, Arizona 10/6/2006

The Secret Purpose of History
The Conscious Loving Universe
- Click title to read the entire document
- Cottonwood, Arizona 4/30/2006.

An Inspired Perspective on the First Thanksgiving - Click title to read the entire document
Boston City Hall, 11/18/2005

Pathway to Peace - Click title to read the entire document
- Peacemaking in the 21st Century: Inner Peace, Outer Action
International Peace Conference. University of Maine, Orono Peace Studies Program 06/2004

Thoreau, Katahdin, The Native American and the Future
- Click title to read the entire document
- Concord, MA 7/10/2002

Pan-Indigenousness and It's Relevance for the Future - Click title to read the entire document
- UMaine 11/2/2001

The Pilgrim Vision, Native Prophecy and the Future: On Combination
- Click title to read the entire document
- CMAC, Cambridge, MA 6/23/2001

Thoughts on Life and the Maya
- Click title to read the entire document
- Chiapas, Mexico 4/19/2001



Plymouth as a Symbol - Click title to read the entire document

Engaging The Divine Energies for Social, Economic and Military Success - Click title to read the entire document

Vows of Love- Click title to read the entire document
- A look at the Nature of Relationship.


Greatest Mountain: Katahdin's Wilderness
Nearly thirty years ago, Connie Baxter Marlow created a book of photographs that presented Percival Proctor Baxter's vision of a solution to the man/wilderness dichotomy.  In the establishment of Baxter State Park, Percy Baxter created a way for man and wilderness to enrich each other in a mutually beneficial way.  Her book celebrated the magnificence of Katahdin and its surrounding 200,000 acres, which her Great Uncle Percy had given to the people of Maine.

Connie Baxter Marlow has revisited Baxter State Park, both with this revised edition of her book of stunning photographs and in her thinking about Katahdin, her Uncle Percy's philanthropy, and the Native American connection to their sacred mountain.  the park itself remains relatively unchanged, in delicate balance between the deeds of trust that were intended to keep it "forever wild as a public park," and the pressures of modern-day recreation.  In new contributions to the book, Neil Rolde, Judith and John Hakola, and Park director Buzz Caverly place Percy Baxter's legacy in historical and contemporary context, while Percy Baxter's own words remain to convey his thoughts and wishes.

Penobscot Elder Arnie Neptune and documentary writer Dennis Kostyk bring in the Native American worldview that broadens and adds depth to the Western view of man's connection to the natural world.  In a growing understanding of Native American beliefs, Marlow now suggests a fresh outlook to her readers: In times of great change, when the future is unknown, a new point of view can perhaps serve to lift one's thinking above the clouds, where a clear mind and an open heart will see and feel a world it never knew was there.

Katahdin raises its head aloft, unafraid of the passing storm, and is typical of the rugged character of the people of Maine. The establishment of Baxter State Park will lay the foundation of a policy whereby the present generation will deliver a great inheritance to the generations to come (PPB, 1921)

Connie Baxter Marlow was raised in Pittsfield, Maine, and after attending Dana Hall School in Wellesley, Massachusetts, and Wheaton College, graduated from the University of California at Berkeley in 1968 with honors in Economics.  Connie's family history of public service and philanthropy has significantly shaped her worldview, and in 1991, she founded Friends of Earth People, a foundation dedicated to creating forums for the dissemination of Native American knowledge with the intent of discovering important information that she believes is lacking in the dominant belief systems today.  She also co-founded Parents for Choice in Education, which pioneered work on a paradigm-shifting model called "The Aspen Model."  Connie, a writer in her spare time is the mother of three children and divides her time between Colorado, California, Mexico and Maine.
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The Baxters Of Maine Downeast Visionaries
by - Neil Rolde
This is a double biography of two men—father and son—who left a vivid imprint on the State of Maine. James Phinney Baxter, the father, was six times mayor of Portland, creator of its modern park system, and one of Maine's foremost historians. His wealth, which he made in the canning business, was left to Percival, the youngest of his six sons, who achieved immortality by using it to buy Maine's highest and most beautiful mountain, Katahdin, and 200,000 surrounding acres. As a legislator and governor, Percival had tried to persuade the government to preserve this gem of the north, and when he failed, he did it himself, leaving it to the people of Maine as a magnificent state park. This is a fascinating look at Maine in an era stretching from before the Civil War to the end of the 1960s.
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Hardcover: 224 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.13 x 9.29 x 6.44
Publisher: Tilbury House Publishers; (November 1997)
ISBN: 0884481905


Divine Discoveries at Ground Zero: An Uplifting Look at 9/11- Click title to read the entire document
Connie Baxter Marlow believes that the events of September 11, 2001 helped to trigger the opening of the human heart and the rebirth of America and discusses her discoveries that led to this conclusion in a multi-media presentation entitled "Divine Discoveries at Ground Zero: An Uplifting Look at 9/11". Connie has assembled a body of supporting evidence in the form of photographs taken at Ground Zero and other materials that creates a positive perspective from which she believes it is possible for humanity to walk in balance on Earth. She presents her theories within the framework of a significant and surprising "Hopi Connection" which has come to Connie through her 15-year association with HopiLand.

This "Divine" look at 9/11 is a means of showing the importance of perspective in how we respond to circumstances in our lives. It is a radical departure from the prevailing perspective on the events of 9/11. It is a perspective from which Connie believe peace will have an opportunity to come to pass on Earth.

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Connie Baxter Marlow