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Inspirational Speaker

Connie Baxter Marlow has been speaking at colleges, universities, high schools and independent events for 15 years on a variety of inspirational topics. Her unique worldview gives her a positive, uplifting approach to history, current events and possible solutions that is inspiring. Her life is a testament to the practical application of the principles she espouses.

Speaking Engagements:

Henry David Thoreau Visits Sedona, Arizona
March 16, 2007 - The Well Red Coyote Bookstore presented "Thoreau and the Native American" Connie Baxter Marlow, Andrew Cameron Bailey and Sunny Heartley.

March 18, 2007 - Connie Baxter Marlow screened her film "Thoreau, The Native American, Mt. Katahdin and the Future."  Part 2 of the film series "The American Evolution: Voices of America"

Beware the Ideas of March!  Sedona futurist Connie Baxter Marlow presented a new look at Henry David Thoreau, with information and a perspective that she believes  challenges, not only our understanding of one of America's great thinkers and “disobedients”, but  also some fundamental assumptions about the world we live in.  Marlow, author, photographer, filmmaker and social philosopher, presented several little-known facets of the life and works of Henry David Thoreau at two events in Sedona, Arizona.  On Friday March 16 at 7:00 pm at the Well Red Coyote, Connie, Andrew Cameron Bailey and Sunny Heartley presented “Thoreau and the Native American".

On Sunday March 16 at 7:00 pm Connie screened her film "Thoreau, The Native American, Mt. Katahdin and the Future" Part 2 of her film series The American Evolution: Voices of America at the Sedona Public Library.

Marlow believes Thoreau's profound connection with the American Indian, and his life-changing epiphany on Mt. Katahdin in Maine, make him a bridge into the future for the integration of indigenous cosmology with Western thought.  "Why, then, make such a great ado about the Greek and Roman and neglect the Indian?" asked Thoreau in his Journal. "[The arrowhead] wings its way through the ages, bearing a message from the hand that shot it."

"I believe that Henry David Thoreau has yet to be truly understood for something he was intent on conveying in his writing," states Marlow.  "Thoreau experienced an expanded reality, the reality he sensed the American Indian inhabited. He spent a good part of his life seeking that common ground. Thoreau bridges the spiritual and material worlds and breaks us loose from the scientific paradigm, as he declared in The Maine Woods  'A scientific explanation, as it is called would have been altogether out of place...Science with its retorts would have put me to sleep...there was something to be seen if one had eyes.'"

At each of the two events, Marlow gave the audience an in-depth look at Thoreau's life of study and contact with the American Indian, and the reality they shared in their mystical connection with nature.  At the Well Red Coyote, Sunny Heartley, Algonquin Indian from Maine, played the Native American flute, and represented Joe Polis, Thoreau's Indian guide and one of three in his pantheon of heroes.  Andrew Cameron Bailey will represent Thoreau himself, and read excerpts from the over 1,000 Indian-related references in Thoreau's writings. "The same experience always gives birth to the same sort of belief or religion.  One revelation has been made to the Indian, another to the white man" wrote Thoreau  in The Maine Woods. "Indian relics abound in Concord...These, and every circumstance touching the Indian, were important in his [Thoreau's] eyes.  His visits to Maine were chiefly for love of the Indian." stated Ralph Waldo Emerson in his eulogy  to Thoreau

At the Library, Marlow screened her film, which was shot on location in Thoreau's replica house in Concord, Massachusetts. It presents Thoreau the ethnologist and Thoreau the mystic, and features Henry David Thoreau through interpreter/impersonator Richard Smith, the late Thoreau scholar Bradley P. Dean, Ph.D, who presents Thoreau's unpublished Indian Notebooks, Native American Penobscot elders, and Mt. Kathadin, Mystical Mountain. Thoreau said of his experience on Kathadin: "This matter to which I am bound has become so strange to me.  I fear not spirits, ghosts of which I am one..."

Born and raised in Maine, Connie has a deep connection with Mt. Katahdin, the sacred mountain of the Wabanaki/Penobscot Indians, which sits within Baxter State Park, the 200,000 acres Connie's great granduncle Percival Baxter bought and gave to the people of Maine to be held "forever wild."

Marlow and Bailey are the founders of The Inn_Stitute @ Sedona, a forum for uplifting evolutionary ideas, at Page Springs Bed and Breakfast, just outside Sedona. For more information go to www.TheInnstitute.com and www.TheAmericanEvolution.com.

Press Contact:  Connie Baxter Marlow  928 634-5135. flyweagles@aol.com

Indigenous Cosmology:  From Left Field to Center Stage - Click title to read the entire document

Andrew Cameron Bailey and Connie Baxter Marlow, partners in film, photography and ideas, proposed practical applications of indigenous cosmology and quantum physics to everyday life at Ringing Rocks Foundation in Sedona, Arizona October 6, 2006 in a lecture titled "Indigenous Cosmology: from Left  Field to Center Stage".

Bailey and Marlow are collaborating on a speculative documentary: "In Search of the Future. Where have we been?  Where are we going?  What do the wise ones know?" The film features indigenous elders, futurists, chaos theorists and others on the origin, evolutionary status, and future of humanity. They are also co-authoring a book, "The Conscious Loving Universe" – in which the authors propose solutions to individual and collective dilemmas in the world today.

Coming from divergent experiences,
Bailey and Marlow have reached similar conclusions: (1) the prevailing paradigm is missing important information about the mechanics of the universe, and (2) indigenous cosmology contains important clues to universal law.  "It doesn't matter what color our skin is, or what culture we were raised in, it's a heart thing," states Marlow. "We all have a 'knowing' deep within, it's time now to look for clues and piece together a way of life that more closely aligns us and our systems with the "big T - Truth - the laws of the universe."

Marlow and Bailey feel they have "discovered" important information carried in the essence of indigenous cosmology, concepts now being validated by quantum physics. "It’s exciting to see a field of science emerge which helps the Western mind grasp the universal aspects of the indigenous worldview'" states Bailey, scientist, anthropologist, writer, filmmaker and photographer. He first resonated with the Australian aborigine in a university anthropology course in South Africa. 
They get it," states
Andrew of his first realization of his commonality with the aborigine. "There's something there, something they know, that some piece of me recognized.  I filed it for future reference." Raised amongst the Zulu the apartheid era, Andrew's life became that of a seeker - exploring world religions and cultures. 

In 1969
Andrew left the life of a South African college professor and emigrated to California where he met and studied with major players in the emerging consciousness revolution. He embarked on the Sufi path in 1974, married a South African jazz dancer, and raised five children amid African dance and music in New York.  Led to the San Bushmen of the Kalahari through their stories, Andrew and his former wife befriended a group of South African San living between Namibia and Botswana in the Kalahari Desert, and started the non-profit Indigenous Heritage Ltd to purvey information and raise funds to help these beleaguered people, who are now known to carry the original DNA of all humans. "We knew we had stumbled upon something important," comments Bailey. "The healing practices, the access to other dimensions, the egalitarian status of all members of the community, the absence of war and weapons of war, their amazing hearts and the love they emanate - there was something extraordinarily human about them, something we knew we had to help preserve for humanity." 

Connie Baxter Marlow, 59, has spent extensive time with visionary elders throughout the United States and Mexico over the past 30 years. She has been creating forums for them to share their understanding of the nature of the universe through lectures, ceremonies, films and photography exhibits around the United States and Mexico. Connie was raised a Baxter in Maine, and was influenced by her courageous and visionary ancestors who lived and acted "according to the dictates of their hearts" as governors, mayors and philanthropists. They gave away mountains, they championed women, and they lost elections for what they believed in. Their example led Connie on a path that took her to an economics degree with honors at UC Berkeley in 1968 and to indigenous peoples and their cosmology and quantum physics. It was there she discovered clues to what she and Bailey have dubbed "The Conscious Loving Universe," "My ancestors lived according to a different set of rules, I have spent my adult life trying to find those beliefs that led them to give away so much. I looked in the Hippie movement and the Revolution of the 60's, I looked in Europe, and in the mid-seventies I discovered Native American thought," declares Marlow. "Since that day my life has been one of continual discovery."

Andrew and Connie own the Page Springs Bed and Breakfast Country Inn just south of Sedona, where the room themes honor the people of the indigenous cultures Connie and Andrew have come to know and love – the First People of Africa, and the tribal people of North America and Mexico.  The Kalahari Room, the Maya Suite, the Kokopelli-Hopi Suite, and Maui Room, with related photography and artifacts offer a "cultural experience" to guests at the B&B, a place to relax and to explore the nature of the universe if one chooses.

To learn more about
Connie, Andrew, and Page Springs B&B go to: www.TheAmericanEvolution.com; www.IndigenousHeritage.org and www.PageSpringsBandB.com.

Connie Baxter Marlow & Andrew Cameron Bailey
The Secret Purpose of History & The Conscious Loving Universe- Click title to read the entire document

Connie Baxter Marlow and Andrew Cameron Bailey, photographers, filmmakers and writers, presented aspects of their uplifting world view in a talk at the World Fellowship Church in Cottonwood, Arizona on April 30, 2006 at 1:00 pm.  Both Marlow and Bailey gave a brief presentation at the church.

Marlow and Bailey are collaborating on a soon-to-be-published book: "The Conscious Loving Universe: A Guidebook to the Emerging New World." and a film entitled "In Search of the Future: Where have we been? Where are we going?  What do the Wise Ones Know?"     The couple believes they are bringing a unique piece of information about the nature of the universe which will allow us to take in and act upon the understanding that there is nothing in the universe but LOVE.  "It is our lack of understanding of the nature of LOVE that has us see aspects of it as "not-love." Bailey and Marlow concur.

Connie Baxter Marlow spoke on "The Secret Purpose of History."  In her "knowing" Marlow understands there has been a secret purpose of history that will be revealed as humanity continues its role as a key player in the evolution of consciousness.  "For me, every event of history and every personal experience has been the playing out of  “the consciousness of unconditional love coming to understand itself.” There are two purposes to every action - a high vibration purpose which is hidden from view for most, and the lower vibration which is very evident and sometimes discouraging. 
Sometimes I feel as though I can read the handwriting on the wall because I only see the high side of things.  It is very real to me, it is my reality. I may be deluded, but it sure is a fun place to live! "laughs Connie.

Andrew Cameron Bailey spoke on "The Conscious Loving Universe." Bailey is a scientist, anthropologist and visionary whose life experiences have afforded him a broad and deep look at humanity's journey. Born in England, raised in South Africa amongst the Zulu, Andrew became a university chemistry professor, before leaving South Africa in 1969 and sailing across the Atlantic for the New World.  It was in California in 1970 in his mid-twenties that Andrew met and came to know major players in the consciousness revolution and he, himself, had a vision of the higher aspects of humanity's potential.
It's exciting to watch quantum science lead the logical mind to the place the heart has known all along," declares Bailey. "The Sufis, the mystics, the rishis, the prophets, the indigenous shamans have all described a reality beyond the confines of traditional science. Now, with a shift in consciousness, a deepening of understanding, we have the tools to reinvent our world."

Marlow has been a seeker all her life.  Raised a Baxter in Maine, Connie was influenced by her courageous and visionary ancestors who lived and acted "according to the dictates of their hearts" as governors, mayors and philanthropists .  They gave away mountains, they championed women, they lost elections for what they believed in.  They led Connie on a path that took her to an economics degree at Berkley in 1968 and to the indigenous peoples and their cosmology and quantum physics. It was with the indigenous peoples that she discovered clues to what she and Bailey have dubbed "The Conscious Loving Universe."

When Andrew and Connie met in 2003 at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York at a gathering of shamans it was immediately evident that the meeting had been "pre-planned."  In their first all-night conversation they discovered that they shared a common perspective from which they, each in their unique way, see the "big picture" unfolding on Earth.

The Marlow/Bailey team has recently opened Page Springs Bed and Breakfast in peaceful Page Springs near Sedona.  This unique B and B on 8 acres with two homes and a barn with gallery and library has been called a "cultural experience".  Photographs and artifacts from the indigenous peoples Bailey and Marlow have come to know and love grace the walls of the Kalahari Room, the Maya Suite, the Kokopelli-Hopi Suite and the Maui Room. Full text can be found on the Ideas page.


BOSTON, Mass, Nov 10, 05 - An inspiring perspective on the first Thanksgiving and the relationship between the Mayflower Pilgrims and the Wampanoag Indians during the first 50 years was revealed for the first time by descendents of both cultures at Boston City Hall on November 18th. Based on original Pilgrim records and journals and extensive experience with visionary native peoples, Connie Baxter Marlow, a philosopher/futurist and descendant of romantic Mayflower Pilgrims, Priscilla Mullins and John Alden (of "Speak for yourself John" fame), shared her perspective alongside Paul Weeden, Orator of the Pokanoket Tribe of the Wampanoag Nation.  Weeden, also known as Deerfoot, a descendant of both the Wampanoag Massasoit (Great Leader) Ousa Mequin and Mayflower Pilgrims, according to a spokesperson for the Mayor's Office of First Bostonians Cultural Awareness Committee, who is sponsoring the event.

"The Pilgrim journals reveal the love and respect that these two cultures had for each other," declares Marlow. "These 50 years were a beautiful time in our nation's history when our two cultures came together, taught each other, put aside their many differences, lived together in peace and friendship and lived according to principles and a structure upon which the United States was founded," agree Deerfoot and Marlow.

"In setting the record straight around this origin story in Plymouth, we are lifting the lingering cloud of confusion on both sides that prevents some from fully celebrating this shining historic time that we can all be proud of and inspired by. In studying history, we may also expand our thanks to our American Indian brothers and sisters for the many other contributions of the First Americans to ecology, democracy (The Iroquois Confederacy), philosophy (influenced Thoreau, thus Ghandi and Martin Luther King), psychology (model for Jung).  The Plymouth story is a priceless blueprint of a world in balance, which also begs the question: 'What would our enlightened ancestors say and do, for example, at these crossroads for the sake of all our children?'  Through better understanding of each other's cultures and histories we can together build on the vision of these, our American ancestors, to create a world that lives up to the potential intended by our founders and expressed in our nation's revered documents of freedom," states Marlow.

In tracing his lineage to Massasoit, Deerfoot shared how he lived for a time with his cousin, the renowned Princess Redwing.  She was selected on behalf of her peers to be the first Native American to address the United Nations in 1946.  Before her death in 1987, she called her people together to pass the mantle of her authority to Deerfoot, to be the orator and protector of the Royal House of Pokanoket and the Pokanoket Tribe of the Wampanoag.  Since that ceremony in 1987, Deerfoot has traveled widely as orator for his people, speaking at schools and service organizations throughout the country, carrying on a documented tradition that has spanned generations.

Marlow has designed a history course which traces the evolution of the free mind.  In this course Marlow points out that the journey of the Mayflower Pilgrims beginning in Cambridge and Scrooby, England proceeding to Leiden, Holland and culminating at Cape Cod with the signing of the Mayflower Compact (America's first freedom document) and the establishment of the Plymouth Colony in association with the Wampanoag Indians was a significant step in an ongoing process.  She has produced a five-part DVD series entitled "The American Evolution: Voices of America" which addresses the common ground that all of humanity shares in its desire to be free.  The series features Henry David Thoreau, a Thoreau Scholar, 2 Native American elders, a Muslim Imam/author, a Greek American Sociologist/author and others. For more information on this series go to www.customflix.com/207224.

June 3-5, 2005:  Symposium leader: Henry David Thoreau and the Evolution of the American Mind: The Next Step.  A Tapestry of Ideas.  Aspen, Colorado.  A weekend seminar based upon the DVD series "The American Evolution: Voices of America" with Thoreau scholar Bradley P. Dean.  See Thoreau Seminar on this website.  Held in conjunction with the photography exhibit "Rhythms of Creation: A Family's Impressions of Indigenous Peoples of the World." June 1-30, 2005. Red Brick Center for the Arts. Aspen, Colorado

June 29, 2005: Multi-media presentation: 9/11: A Hopi ConnectionA presentation, with substaniating evidence, of the idea that the events of 9/11/01, like the sinking of Titanic and other major consciousness-shifting events, was an outcome of personal choice with indications found in the Hopi Prophecies. Held in conjunction with the photography exhibit "Rhythms of Creation: A Family's Impressions of Indigenous Peoples of the World. " June 1-30, 2005. Red Brick Center for the Arts. Aspen, Colorado.

Featured with visionary elders, futurists and chaos theorists in the upcoming film: " In Search of the Future. Where have we been? Where are we Going? What do the Wise Ones Know?"

Past Speaking Engagements

October 6, 2006.  Indigenous Cosmology: From Left Field to Center Stage. Ringing Rocks Foundation Lecture Series, Sedona, Arizona.  Connie Baxter Marlow and Andrew C. Bailey.

April 30, 2006.  The Secret Purpose of History.  Connie Baxter Marlow  The Conscious Loving Universe Andrew C. Bailey. World Fellowship Church, Cottonwood, Arizona

November 18, 2005  An Inspiring Perspective on the First Thanksgiving. Boston City Hall. The Office of New Bostonians Cultural Awareness Program.

June 17-20, 2004 Peacemaking in the 21st Century: Inner Peace, Outter Action. University of Maine, Orono. CBM was a panel addressing Native American Contemplative Wisdom, June 18.

August 7, 2003. Divine Discoveries at Ground Zero: An Uplifting Look at the Events of September 11, 2001. A Multi-media Evening. Presented theories, with supporting evidence, that the events of 9/11/01 triggered: The Opening of the Human Heart and The Rebirth of This Nation. With a Significant and Surprising Hopi Connection. Sedona Public Library. Sedona, Arizona. Soon to be available as a book and Multi-media DVD.

December 23, 2002. Divine Discoveries at Ground Zero. All-School Assembly Yampah Mountain High School, Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

September 2002. The Relevance of Mt. Katahdin in a Post 9/11 Society. Distinguished Lecturer Series: Black Bear Student Chapter of the National Association for Interpretation. With Arnie Neptune, Penobscot Elder. University of Maine, Orono, Maine.

September 2002. CBM: Worldview as it Relates to Peace. Guest Speaker: Washington Center for Internships. Colman McCarthy Professor. Peace Studies Class. Washington, DC.

July 2002. Thoreau, Katahdin, The Native American and The Future. Introductory Remarks. Photo Exhibit Event for Greatest Mountain: Exploring the Mystical Nature of Katahdin. Concord, MA.

July 2002. When Will We Be Free? A Call to Arms. Introductory Remarks. Photo Exhibit Event for Greatest Mountain: Exploring the Mystical Nature of Katahdin. Concord, MA.

March 2002. A Radical Look at the Future of Business. Guest Lecturer: Introduction to Business. Michael O'Hara, Professor. Santa Monica College, Santa Monica, CA

December 2001. America, 911, The Future and You: A Radical Mothers Perspective. All-School Assembly Yampah Mountain High School, Glenwood Springs, Colorado.

November 2001. Guest Speaker: Maine Peace and Justice Center, Portland, Maine

September 2001. Introductory comments Peace from the Heart of the Earth Photo Exhibit Event for Greatest Mountain: Exploring the Mystical Nature of Katahdin. An Event Sharing a Native American Perspective on the Possibilities of Peace.. University of Maine, Orono.

July 2001. On Combination. Introductory Remarks to Talking Circle on Prophecy: The Pilgrim Vision, Native Prophecy and the Future. Photo Exhibit Event for Rhythms of Creation: A Family's Impressions of Indigenous Peoples of the World. Cambridge Multi-Cultural Arts Center, Cambridge, MA.

February 2001. A Mothers Look at Human Nature and Man-Made Law Panel at Open Forum: A Time for Community: Exploring the Heart of the Matter of Our Boys, Our Children, Our Future. Aspen, Colorado.

November 2000. Panel Discussion: A Wealth of Inspirations Arts in the Capitol Exhibition Looking at Katahdin: The Artists Inspiration. Augusta, Maine.

October, 2000. Ecology, Spirituality and Reconciliation with Nature. Peace Week 2000 University of Maine, Orono, Maine.

June/July 2000. Carrying the Baxter Legacy into the Future: A Case For Expanded Thinking. The Baxter Vision in a Historical Perspective Photo Exhibit Event for Rhythms of Creation: The Baxter Legacy University of New England, Portland, Maine.

The Baxter Legacy and Its Inspiration for the Future TV Series
Photo Exhibit Events for Rhythms of Creation: The Baxter Legacy University of New England. Portland, Maine.

Spring 2000. Keynote Speaker. Envisioning the Future with the Wisdom of the Ages. Panel Discussion: University of New England. Portland, Maine.

May 2000. Guest Speaker. Founders Day. Colorado Rocky Mountain School, Carbondale, Colorado.

Fall 1999. Guest Speaker/Trainer: Restore the North Woods Staff, Concord, Mass.

May 1999. Guest Speaker.  Founders Day. Colorado Rocky Mountain School, Carbondale, Colorado.

April 1999. Thoughts on Life and the Maya. Introductory Remarks to Photo Exhibit Event: A Celebration of Family. Rhythms of Creation: A Family's Impressions of Indigenous Peoples of the World San Cristobal, Chiapas, Mexico.

Fall/Spring 1993/1994. Keynote Speaker. Lets Talk: A Public Forum Series on the Subject of Education. Aspen, Colorado.

September 1985 Guest Speaker. Outcomes Based Education? Men's Forum Luncheon Aspen, Colorado.

Earth Charter Community Summit: University of New England. Portland, Maine. September 2001 Workshop with Michael Green: What's Next? Two Views of the Future. A Visionary/Anthropological Look Ahead for the Earth and Its Inhabitants.

Windstar Choices Symposium August 1993 Aspen, Colorado.
Thoreau Institute Annual Gathering July 1999

An Expanded Look at American History. Tracing the role of inspiration and trust in bringing profound freedom to the human condition through individual action and Americas role in it. Soon to be available on Multi-media DVD.

Film Series:
The American Evolution: Voices of America. Producer/ Moderator/Writer. See video series on this website for Details.


Connie Baxter Marlow